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How to prevent damage to the linear guide rail

2023-05-26 9:46:01

Linear guide rail, also known as linear guide rail, is a type of mechanical component that belongs to precision parts. Therefore, slight carelessness during use can cause damage to the parts. During production operations, it is necessary to adopt a cautious production attitude to prevent damage to the linear guide rail due to incorrect use

1 Application requirements

There are also high requirements for the use of linear guides in the environment we use. In our production environment, there are not only visible dust, but also some invisible dust. Once these dust falls into the linear guide, it will have some adverse application effects, such as improving the wear of the guide rail, increasing the mechanical oscillation force, and improving the noise level, This will then lead to other application issues

2 Device matters

For the installation of linear guide rails, it is also necessary to be careful and careful. During the installation, it is not allowed to exhibit strong stamping or use heavy objects to install or strike the guide rails. Once the installation is found to be inappropriate, technical behavior should be adopted for installation

3. To prevent rusting

To prevent such usage, the first step is to prevent direct use of both hands to pick up such accessories. The correct approach is to clean your hands before use, remove stains and sweat, and then apply some mineral oil on the linear guide rail before proceeding with other operations. Especially on humid summer days, it is necessary to do a good job of moisture-proof treatment